ZG 3D MarvelScan scanner

Skaner 3D MarvelScan

MarvelScan is a groundbreaking product. The first scanner in the world capable of scanning without the aid of a tracker or markers. It is a scanner with three sensors based on blue laser light. One camera is used to capture data and position itself relative to the object being scanned. The two front cameras are used for precise data acquisition, and their positioning results in precise and fast measurements.

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3D scanning without reference points or a tracker

Thanks to the Inside-Out technology used throughout the scanning procedure, the operator does not need to place reference points on or near the item being scanned. The same goes for the tracker, which tracks the position of the scanner and allows it to find itself in space. In this scanner, such a role is fulfilled by a third laser light sensor, whose task is to position itself relative to the previously mapped room.

Dodatkowy sensor skanera 3D

The MarvelScan 3D scanner is a viable device in the ‘Plug & Scan’ category. All you have to do is calibrate the space before starting the first scan, and the scanner uses this on every subsequent use. The solution makes scanning faster and more efficient, without wasting time preparing reference points or a tracker.

szybkie skanowanie 3d w skalibrowanym wcześniej pomieszczeniu

Why is it worth choosing the MarvelScan 3D scanner?

Blue laser light technology

More possibilities for efficient scanning

Marker-free scanning

No need to place reference points when using any scanning mode, this is a true “Plug & Scan” device

Significantly faster scanning speed

22 lines in standard scanning mode at up to 1350000 measurements/sec.

Embedded photogrammetry

A blue light scanner helps position data in the photogrammetry programme

High-precision scanning mode

Five additional parallel scanning lines increase scanning precision

Real-time scan image

Real-time 3D rendered image for real-time correction of scan details

Comparison of scanning modes in MarvelScan

Scanning modeStandard modePrecision mode
Ultra-high speed scanning1,350,000 measurements/sec.600,000 measurements/sec
Light source22 blue laser lines
+ additional single line
22 blue laser lines
+ additional 5 parallel lines
AccuracyUp to 0.02 mmUp to 0.01 mm
Distance350 mm150 mm
Depth of field450 mm150 mm


Scanning areaUp to 600 mm x 550 mm
Laser classClass II (eye safe)
ResolutionUp to 0.02 mm
Distance350 mm
Depth of field450 mm
Volumetric accuracy0,02 mm/m
Average deviation0,007 mm/m
Depth of field600 mm ~ 5000 mm
Without markers0.05+0.020mm/m
With markers0.015+0.035mm/m
With embedded photogrammetry0.015+0.035mm/m
With photos0.025+0.015mm/m
Without markers0.06+0.020mm/m
With markers0.025+0.035mm/m
With embedded photogrammetry0.025+0.020mm/m
With photos0.025+0.015mm/m
DEPTH OF FIELD (best reach)550 mm
WEIGHT1,3 kg
DIMENSIONS300 x 150 x 70 mm
OPERATING MOISTURE (non-condensing)10%~90%