ZG HyperScan 3D Scanner


  • Portable spatial scanner – weighing only 1.5kg, the unit is small and portable and can be carried anywhere for handheld scanning.
  • Super hardware configuration – the newly upgraded camera lens, chip and light source system make the hardware performance more efficient and reliable.
  • Wide application – can be used in a variety of environments and applications for 3D surface modelling of different detail sizes, one device with multiple functions.
  • Quick and low-cost learning to operate – a new student without any experience can master the various operations and calibration procedures after one day of training.
  • Standard interface – can be integrated with robots, automated assembly lines, etc. to implement rapid secondary development, automated scanning and inspection.

Highly efficient scanner

26 laser lines + 1 additional line for hard-to-reach areas with a measurement speed of up to 1,340,000 measurements/sec. No need to attach markers, which can save a lot of time and improve work efficiency; Particularly suitable for fast and efficient scanning of large components such as cars, heavy industry machine parts, castings, etc.

Cooperation with tracker

Working with the ZG-Track optical tracker, the object to be measured can be stably located in a space of 17.6 m³, and the user can move the scanned object in any way during the measurement process.

Scanning difficult surfaces

Handles complex scenes such as black and glossy with ease.

Intelligent multi-mode processing. Black, glossy and coloured surfaces can be scanned directly without pre-processing.

Hybrid scanning mode

Dual scanning mode, HyperScan DX supports scanning with a tracker via a self-positioning system and scanning without a tracker via a marker positioning system. The positioning system with markers is suitable for small space operations. Dual scanning mode is where both systems operate in real time, all through an interactive system, guaranteeing unprecedented precision.

ZG Probe

The use of the ZG-Probe’s additional sensor will enable high-precision measurement, while at the same time being flexible and adaptable, the ZG-Probe is fully capable of quality control, reverse engineering and assembly analysis, particularly in hard-to-reach spaces such as holes or recesses. Compared to traditional coordinate measuring devices, the ZG-Probe can operate in complex environments outside the laboratory, ensuring stable and accurate measurement.

Why should you choose a 3D HyperScan scanner?

Red laser light

Capture details from shiny and reflective surfaces

High performance and accuracy in 3D scanning

1,340,000 Measurements per second


0.03 mm


0.078 mm

Depth of field and maximum range

400 mm

Auxiliary tracker

Allows you to scan bulky items with great convenience

Ask about HyperScan

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