3D virtual reality

Modern learning and training through 3D technology

Virtual reality modeling

Modern technologies are invading our lives with increasing momentum. Traditional methods of teaching are giving way to a rapidly developing virtual reality. Often through the development and use of the benefits of the modern world we are able to save time and money.

How to use virtual reality?


Training on restricted access devices

Low cost comparing to use of real devices

Training on potentially hazardous equipment

How a VR object is created?


VR – the perfect training tool

We specialize in VR, or virtual reality. We create 3D models for VR applications as well as the applications themselves. Our main area of activity are professional training programs such as training for forklift operators or operators of electromagnetic devices. By using the latest technology we contribute to the reduction of training costs of employees. Virtual reality allows for fully safe simulation of potentially dangerous situations, the experience of which will help to protect trainees from real danger of losing health or even life in the future. The trainees do not need traditional equipment and the training can also be conducted at home. We also create applications supporting traditional sales methods, e.g. VR application for developers. Thanks to this, clients wishing to buy an apartment in a block that does not yet exist will make the right decision faster.

Virtual reality – what is it?

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional image developed on the basis of the application of advanced information technology. Thanks to modern functionalities, with its help it is possible to create modern objects, spaces and events – entirely fictional or imitating reality.
Speaking of virtual reality in simple words, we can say that it is a whole virtual world designed to evoke natural and real sensations in us.

Application of Virtual Reality – not only in video games!

Virtual Reality can be successfully used, among other things, in creating 3D models for VR applications. This will allow professional training of employees, consequently improve the quality of their work and reduce the risk of loss of health or life.
At B3D, we also create applications to support traditional sales methods, such as a VR application for developers. Thanks to this, customers wishing to buy an apartment in a block, that does not yet exist will make the right decision faster, without wasting the valuable time of the developer or the people delegated by him in the future.

Virtual reality – advantages and disadvantages

Considering current standards and industry trends, we can highlight several important advantages associated with virtual reality. Below are the details:

  • new experiences – which can be very useful for your employees (to avoid workplace hazards) or customers (e.g., in the real estate development industry to make the right purchase decision regarding a property that does not yet exist);
  • possibility of modern product presentation – Virtual Reality will help to advertise not only an apartment or a single-family property, but also a hotel (by placing the customer in the best room you increase the probability for him/her to perform the desired action);
  • greater involvement of the viewer – modern technologies make your customer not just a passive party, but an active observer who gets to know the presented product.

Is Virtual Reality characterized by any disadvantages? Overusing it for entertainment purposes (e.g. for games) can cause irritability and emotional instability. On the other hand, when using virtual reality for business purposes (e.g. to provide training to employees or to present a product to a customer), you can rest assured – it’s an excellent tool for increasing the effectiveness of training and sales conversion.