ZG’s small and precise 3D scanner CereScan

CereScan is a handy 3D scanner designed for precise and easy creation of 3D models, measurements or quick quality control. With its compact size and convenient operation, it is the ideal tool for those interested in scanning and creating digital copies of real objects with utmost precision and unparalleled convenience. The most important advantage of this scanner is its size, portability and light weight. From the size of the CereScan scanner comes its most important asset, namely the ability to measure in hard-to-reach corners or openings. The clever design, the small spacing between the laser source and the sensor means that the scanner is more than capable of dealing with holes

Solution for cavity and hole scanning – CereScan 3D scanner

The small axis spacing between the laser source and the sensor is what makes the CereScan incredibly capable of scanning holes or cavities. When scanning holes, it is often necessary to use additional equipment or manual measurements to obtain a more complete image. This happens, for example, because the view is obstructed: if the hole is deep or narrow, it can be difficult for the 3D scanner to get a full view of the internal structure. Edge elements can block light beams or lasers, leading to incomplete data or distortion. The CereScan scanner dramatically improves the guesswork of such structures, saving us a lot of manual measurements

Industries where the handy CereScan 3D scanner will prove its worth

Scanning hard-to-reach areas in the automotiv sector

Small and handy, the scanner allows unobstructed access to areas where we cannot reach with standard-sized scanners. We can use it to carry out reverse engineering or quality checks on component assembly

Precise scanning with a small and handy scanner during quality control

The CereScan is only 650 grams and has a scanning accuracy of 0.01 mm. It is the ideal tool for carrying out quality checks on fabricated parts in manufacturing plants.

Inspection of the technical condition of transmission installations and technical structures

Carrying out condition inspections of technical or transmission installations to check for deviations, bends, cracks, twists with the CereScan is much more efficient. A small scanner means more possibilities to reach nooks and crannies, deep holes and cavities. .

Advantages of the lightweight and precise CereScan 3D scanner

A small 3D scanner does not have to have limitations – quite the opposite. The scanner’s sleek and lightweight design provides new possibilities:

  • High scan quality down to 0.01 mm for volumetric measurements
  • Low weight of only 650 grams ensures that the hand does not get tired while scanning
  • Small handy design allows you to reach many tight and inaccessible spaces
  • Tighter sensor arrangement for better hole scanning

Technical specifications of the CereScan scanner

Measurement Rate – Standard Mode2,480,000 measurements/s
Measurement Rate – Fine Mode1,250,000 measurements/s
Scanning AreaUp to 600×550mm
Laser Source (Class Ⅱ: Eye Safe)26 blue laser lines+extra single blue laser line+extra 7 blue laser lines
ResolutionUp to 0,02 mm
Accuracy – Standard ModeUp to 0,02 mm
Accuracy – Fine ModeUp to 0,02 mm
Volumetric Accuracy – Standard Mode0.015+0.035mm/m
Volumetric Accuracy + Photoshot Max0.015+0.015mm/m
Volumetric Accuracy + Scale Bar0.015+0.02mm/m
Stand-off Distance – Standard Mode300 mm
Stand-off Distance – Fine Mode150 mm
Depth of Field – Fine Mode450 mm
Depth of Field – Standard Mode150 mm
Depth of Field – Furthest Mode550 mm
Weight650 gram
Connection StandardUSB 3.0
Working Temperature-10~40℃
Working Humidity10%~90%
Export Format.asc,.stl,.obj,.ply,.txt .xyz etc.
Compatible Softwares3D Systems(Geomagic Solutions), InnovMetric Software(PolyWorks), Dassault Systems(CATIAV5 and SolidWorks), PTC(Pro/ENGINEER), Autodesk(Inventor,  Alias, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage), 
Siemens(NX and Solid Edge) etc.
PatentsCN106228603B、CN208174805U、CN111486801B、CN212539085U、CN106767895B、 CN106204544B、CN304321958S、CN108038878B、CN211046994U、CN306620676U、 CN214224013U、CN214924384U、CN215572695U

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