ZG RigelSLAM-S 3D scanner

RigelSLAM-S is ZG’s first portable 3D laser mapping system for long-range scanning, which uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology. It can perform autonomous positioning and incremental 3D mapping on mobile devices. The scanner works both indoors or outdoors without relying on GPS.

Innovative RigelSLAM-S spatial scanner provides accurate spatial scanning in motion

The RigelSLAM-S is a spatial scanner that is used to capture information about the shape and topography of objects in a three-dimensional environment. The spatial scanner is designed for use in industries such as architecture (to create building models), engineering (to measure and analyse structures), the film industry (to create special effects), and virtual reality and game design (to create realistic virtual environments). Spatial scanning with the RigelSLAM-S definitely stands out from other designs due to unique features such as the high accuracy achieved during movement, revolutionising the previous approach to spatial scanners

The RigelSLAM-S spatial scanner will work well in industries:

Spatial scanning in architecture

An effective tool for documenting existing buildings, mapping objects and transforming them into 3D models. Analyse indoor and outdoor spaces, this can include light flux analysis, airflow analysis, visibility analysis, reconstruction of historic buildings. The RigelSLAM-S scanner can also be used to track the progress of construction, creating digital documentation

Spatial scanning in mining

A fast and convenient tool for quick 3D measurements in mining. The scanner can be used to quickly and accurately measure the volume of a mine field, measure the weight and volume of the excavated material immediately after extraction or blasting, measure landslides or make an inventory of inactive chambers or passageways. The scanner is also suitable for visualising, measuring and analysing inactive adits, caves and undergrounds

Spatial scanning of earth masses

Calculation of the volume of earth masses, earth piles, rubble dumps or uneven areas. The scanner is also suitable for other sectors such as land drainage, geology and heavy industry, i.e. wherever the volume of irregular earth mass forms needs to be calculated

Spatial scanning of technical and transmission infrastructure

3D scanning of the course of various types of transmission installations, scanning of transmission installations in the heating sector, transmission infrastructure of industrial plants, water and sewage systems or energy networks

Scanning for BIM

With the RigelSLIM -S scanner, we can quickly create accurate spatial documentation of existing building elements, which can be quickly and efficiently entered into documentation

Spatial scanning of forests and park greenery

Scanning the volume of biomass in a forest complex or park will be much quicker and simpler with the RigelSlam-S scanner. All you have to do is walk around a specific area with the scanner in hand, which will create a point cloud accurate enough to calculate the biomass

3D spatial scanning in agriculture

Volumetric scanning of crops in bins, heaps in warehouses, transport chambers. The volume of any product can be measured by scanning, e.g. heaps of vegetables, grain, silage, etc.

Spatial scanning for geo-information purposes

Quick and convenient provision of more detailed information that can be included in a numerical terrain model

3D scanning of sewers and underground

Spatial scanning of utility infrastructure, sewers, manhole culverts and other underground facilities for documentation or design purposes

Advantages of the RigelSLAM-S 3D scanner

  • Scans indoors and outdoors
  • Scans without markers or reference points
  • Uses SLAM technology for localisation
  • It has a real-time visualisation application
  • Ready for operation in 3 seconds from start-up
  • Fast data transfer to applications

When you grab the RigelSLAM-S scanner in hand, you get an amazing tool for fast and accurate spatial scans. All you have to do is take the scanner out of its case, turn it on and you’re ready to scan. With similar devices, we need to stick reference points on before scanning, so that the scanner can build itself a visualisation of where it is and where the previous scan was based on this. With the RigelSLAM-S we don’t have this problem, we turn the scanner on and can start scanning straight away. On the scanner’s monitor, we see a visualisation of the object that appears in real time. On this basis, we can see where we have not yet reached or where gaps in the point cloud are. The scanner uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology to correctly locate its position. When we see on the scanner screen that we have collected all the points we are interested in, we have a ready-made point cloud that we can use for measurements or further processing.

Technical specifications of the RigelSLAM-S scanner

Laser TypeRotating laser
Working Range0 – 120 m
Relative Accuracy0 – 3 cm
Absolute Accuracy2 – 5 cm
No. of Sensors32 or 16
Measurement Rate320,000 measurements /s with 16 sensors
Field of view360×270°
Localization MethodSLAM Technology
Calculation MethodIn real-time
Working Time2.5-3 hours per single battery
Working Temperature– 10℃ to 40℃
SSD Capacity500 Gb
Laser ClassClass I
Protection ClassIP54
Unit MaterialAlumium alloy+ABS
Weight1,8 kg
DisplayHi-Res. Touch Screen

RigelSLAM, a simpler version of the RigelSLAM-S scanner

We also offer a simpler version of the RigelSLAM-S scanner, namely the RigelSLAM. This version differs in having a laser head that is stationary, which affects operating parameters such as:

  • Number of sensors and speed of measurements . In the case of the RigelSLAM, we have 640,000 measurements/s with 32 sensors and 320,000 measurements/s with 16 sensors
  • Scanner viewing angle: 360×31° (RigelSlAM-S has 360×270°)
  • Scanner weight: 1.6 kg (RigelSLAM-S is 1.8 kg)

Other parameters are identical

Ask for RigelSLAM-S scanner

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Note : We would be happy to demonstrate your chosen 3D scanner model prior to purchase. For this purpose, we encourage you to make an appointment for a demonstration session at your company/institution.