We perform quality control on the basis of 3D scanning. We use the latest model of scanner designed in the industrial High End version of the German company AICON 3D System. We scan with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, which results in high quality of the performed work.

How do we operate?

It’s very simple. Customers receive measurement reports with the ability to edit the results themselves. Depending on one’s preferences, one can choose to, among other things:

  • taking screenshots,
  • showing cross-sections,
  • displaying a deviation map in any position.

We pay due attention to each activity. We serve customers professionally – we check the details carefully and come professionally to the performed services. We also guarantee punctuality along with professional advice.

Automatic 3D scanning to facilitate quality control

Automatic systems related to 3D scanning facilitate quality control in many ways. Allowing you to easily prepare measurement plans, they also guarantee the precision and high quality of the data obtained. This is an absolute revolution dedicated to, among others, those operating in a manufacturing environment.


3D industrial measurements

We provide 3D measurement services using structured light scanner. Our device is equipped with two cameras with a resolution of 8Mpix and allows the digitization process with an accuracy of +/-0.01 mm. We perform scans of industrial objects using advanced measurement software. In this way we have the possibility to carry out a quick assessment of product quality. Comparing the scanned object with the mathematical model, we can quickly make a reliable and independent assessment of the geometry and its compliance with the assumptions of the designer. Color deviation map is a convenient tool in the evaluation of free shapes. With the help of our system we are able to guarantee high precision and detail of the provided data.

Why is 3D industrial measurement essential in this day and age? – advantages

3D industrial measurements allow you to, among other things:

  • save time,
  • maximize measurement efficiency,
  • relieve office workers of repetitive measurement duties.

It is also worth mentioning that industrial measurements can be performed on the entire surface of the object. With this solution, you will get high-quality measurement data.

Scanning of industrial objects

3D scanners are improving the industry and manufacturing sector across the globe. They are used as quality control tools where the spatial nature of scanning plays a key role. 3D quality control is a solution implemented in thousands of production lines around the globe! The scanners we offer perfectly detect shapes and textures, then compare them in detail with the given pattern. Our equipment is the most likely to detect defects and deviations from the standard due to its high precision.

The purpose of our 3D scanners is to accurately represent all kinds of textures, shapes and other geometric features of objects. 3D equipment accurately analyzes the surface of each scanned object, making it the perfect quality controller! We assure you that 3D quality control plays a decisive role when it comes to streamlining the manufacturing process, and the type of industry hardly matters!