AL3D-METAL 200 – 3D metal printer by ALPHA LASER

drukarka 3d do metalu z stacją oczyszczania wydruku

Progressive, safe and efficient 3D printer for metal using SLM technology

  • 200 W IPG laser
  • Innovative cartridge system – safe for use
  • Printing precision of up to 50 µm
  • Comprehensive software solution
  • Filter systems for reactive metals and precious metals
  • Achievable material density: >99.9%

AL3D-METAL – small metal 3D printer with big possibilities

The AL3D-METAL 200 3D printer from Alpha Laser offers fast, precise and safe production of complex objects, with a small footprint. Measuring 600 by 617 mm, the AL3D-METAL 200 makes it suitable for space-constrained companies that require high quality and precision in their manufacturing process. It is particularly useful for jewellery manufacturing companies that often require precisie 3D printing of precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver. The printer will also prove useful for laboratories and research institutes with small office spaces.

Safe use of the 3D metal printer – closed circulation of printing powders

The closed powder circuit in the AL3D-METAL printer increases operational safety, as the operator does not come into contact with the powder during the entire printing process. 3D metal printing often uses printing methods based on Selective Laser Melting (SLM) or Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology. In these processes, a metal powder, such as stainless steel, aluminium or titanium, is gradually applied in layers and melted using a laser or electron beam. This allows for the gradual creation of a three-dimensional object. 3D printing with metal powder generates large amounts of fragmented dust, which can be inhaled or even penetrate the skin. For metal printers, particles of a few micrometres or even less in diameter are standard – some printers can use powder with particle diameters of 15-45 micrometres. These are the sizes that allow them to easily penetrate human body barriers and enter the body. The AL3D-METAL printer has developed a printing system that is completely safe for the user, due to the lack of contact with the powder at every stage – from filling the cardridges, through printing, to cleaning the print. A dedicated filling station is included, which has an isolated chamber with protective gloves, where print cleaning also takes place.

bezpiecznie uzupełnianie proszku do druku z metalu

Filling the cardridges of a 3D metal printer

High-quality prints from the 3D metal printer AL3D-METAL

With a 200 W IPG fibre laser and an F-theta lens made of quartz , the AL3D-METAL 200 has high melting power and ensures optimal printing results. The printer’s fine laser spot of 50 µm and high beam quality make it suitable for the production of highly accurate and complex geometries, providing maximum design freedom. Thanks to its small size, the printer can be installed almost anywhere, Laser melting in the powder bed enables material densities > 99.9 % – regardless of whether certified ALPHA LASER powder with accompanying parameters or independent material compositions are used. Producing metal objects with the AL3D-Metal printer saves resources, as additive manufacturing enables high powder yields and recycling.

Wydruk dentystyczny na drukarce 3d z platyny
3D printing from platinum

jakość wydruku 3d z metalu

Advantages of the AL3D-METAL 200 metal 3D printer

Safe working thanks to the closed powder circuit: No contact with powder during the entire process (cartridge filling, printing process and removal of the printed piece) – in our opinion, this is the most important advantage for the health of those operating the printer.

Innovative cartridge system: quick powder change, short cleaning time of the system (only approx. 15 minutes), different cartridge sizes (two different cartridge diameters with three different heights).

Service-friendly: the mechanism is located in the cartridge, so there is no machine downtime – simply return the cartridge for repair, insert a replacement cartridge and continue working.

All-in-one software: includes everything you need for the best printing results, from model generation to post-production support.

Resource saving: Metal production with high efficiency, plus the possibility to recycle unused powder.

Closed gas circuit: Gas consumption < 5 l/min. Cleaning function at 20 l/min floods the working chamber in approximately 10 minutes.

Multi-material printing: various materials can be combined.

Filter system: available for reactive materials and precious metals

Small and compact: printer base is 600 x 617 mm

Freedom of design and geometry: Maximum individuality in design and geometry

Printing technology: laser melting on a powder bed achieves a material density of >99.9%.

Prints from the AL3D-METAL 200 3D printer

Example 3D prints showing the capabilities of the AL3D-METAL 200 printer. 3D prints from platinum, silver, gold, metal alloys such as bronze or reactive metals, as well as a combination of several metals in a single print.

Industries in which a 3D metal printer will work:

  • Dental industry
  • Research industry
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical industry

Technical specifications of the AL3D-METAL 200 printer

Operation15.6“ Touchscreen, keyboard and mouse possilble
2 × USB
SoftwareAL3D-OS, offline version for project creation, TeamViewer remote access
Externe softwareAutodesk Netfabb
Materialise Magics
CIM Systems Pyramis
Open software interface for external post processing
AlloysIron alloys
Nickel-based alloys
Cobalt-chrome alloys
Precious metals
Reactive metals/more on demand
Achievable component density> 99%
Construction volumeAL3D-METAL 200-50
Φ: 50 mm; 
Z: 50 mm lub 85 mm
AL3D-METAL 200-100
Φ: 100 mm; 
Z: 85 mm lub 120 mm
Layer thickness10-50 µm
Electrical connection230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, maks. 16 A
Permissable humiditymaks. 70%
Permissable ambient temperature15–30°C
Protective gas/argon (necessary connection)4.5-6 bar input pressure, Ø 6 mm hose fitting
Gas consumption during operation<5 L/min
Purge funktion 20 L/min
Connection for ext. vacuum cleanerNW32 connection
Weight100 kg
W × D × H600 × 617 × 1770 mm
Laser type / wave lengthFiber laser 200 W CW, 1070 nm
Welding spot Ø50 µm
Process parametersOpen access to machine and process parameters
bezpieczny druk 3d ze stopu metalów  szlachetnych

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