Lynxter S600D – 3D printer that prints from silicone, ceramics and filaments

3D printing from multiple types of materials in a single device – silicon printing is not enough

Thanks to Lynxter’s quick-change print head technology, the S600D 3D printer can print in up to three types of material, such as silicone, a range of filaments and ceramics. The operation of changing the print head takes only a few minutes, so you quickly get a device with new possibilities:

  • Silicone printer
  • Ceramic printer
  • Thermoplastic printer

What we can say about this printer is for sure that it is a device that pushes the boundaries in 3D printer design. The variety of materials that the 600D can print from opens up limitless possibilities, and the high performance makes this device ideal for companies and institutions that need unique prints from different materials. Mix colours, materials and processes, get creative with this one device.

Drukarka do silikonu Lynxter S600D

The S600D is not only the best printer for silicone

Infinite possibilities, the cost-effective and progressive 3D printer for multiple materials

The S600D printer is revolutionising 3D printing with its interchangeable heads that allow it to print from an infinite range of materials. The process of changing the head is simple and only takes a few minutes. The S600D 3D printer can print from any material that can be adapted to the current needs within the same project, such as silicone, PA, PP, PEKK, polycarbonate, TPU, porcelain or aluminum. We classify the S600D as an industrial-grade machine because of its performance, and this allows us to increase the production of unique parts and save time. Thanks to the modular features of the S600D, all projects can be handled on one machine. When printing different complex objects, simply change the print head.

Lynxter S600D – one 3D printer – 6 heads – many possibilities

Lynxter S600D 3D printer – evolve your 3D printer as opportunities arise

The Lynxter S600D is an innovative printer that is revolutionising the approach to 3D printing. It is an industrial performance printer that main differentiator is silicone printing, but with the ability to interchange print heads, we can use it, for example, as a fast and efficient printer for thermoplastics. The rapid development of 3D printing and the speed of materials being developed are opening up new possibilities all the time, and the Lynxter S600D allows us to keep up with these changes. With the S600D printer, you won’t have to invest in a new machine when new materials become available.

Printheads for the S600D printer:

Głowica drukująca fill11
FIL11 – Single extrusion toolhead for filament. Materials: PP – PEKK – PETG – PA Fiber Carbone – PC – TPU 85 Shore’a – ABS Carbone
Głowica drukująca potrójna fil21
FIL21 – Filament Direct Drive toolhead. Materials: Aluminia – Zirconia – 316L – TPU – TPE – TPC – PETG Carbone – PLA
Głowica drukująca potrójna - fil33
FIL33 -Triple extrusion filament toolhead. Materials: ABS Carbon – ABS – ESD – ABS – PC – PC – PET – PETG Carbon – PLA
Głowica drukująca liq11 do sylikonu
LIQ 11 – Single component liquid toolhead. Materials: Silicone RTV1 34 shoreA -Silicone RTV1 57 ShoreA
Głowice LIQ21 do różnych rodzajów silikonów
LIQ21 – Two component liquid toolhead. Materials: Silicone RTV2 40 shoreA – Silicone RTV2 25 ShoreA
głowica PAS11 do ceramiki
PAS11 – Paste and ceramics toolhead. Materials: Alumina – Cordierite – Zircon- Clay – Stoneware – Porcelain

3D printer S600D – device parameters

Printing from materials

  • Medical silicone RTV2 (5,10, 25, 40 ShA)
  • Industrial silicone RTV2 (45 ShA)
  • Polyurethane (from 50 to 85 ShA)
  • LSR
  • Epoxy 
  • Ceramics
  • Thermoplastic materials e.g. FDM

Printing temperature

  • Heated working surface: from 20°C to 180°C
  • Working chamber: 20°C to 80°C
  • Water-cooled printhead

Printer dimensions

  • W 913 x L 851 x H 1644 mm

Print area

  • Ø390mm x 600mm

Layer height

  • 50 μm do > 1 mm

Print resolution XYZ

  • 12.5μm, 12.5μm, 12.5μm

Printhead speed

  • 800 mm/s

Power supply

  • 230 V AC 8 A 50-60 Hz


  • Stand-alone touchscreen and web interface

Printing capabilities of the Lynxter S600 D printer

wkładka ortopedyczna wydrukowana z silikonu RTV2 40shA
Orthopaedic insole printed in silicone RTV2 40shA
maska do obróbki powierzchniowych metali - wydrukowana w drukarce 3D
Mask for surface treatment of metals – TPU material
Wydruk z silikonu i PLA
Suction cup printed with PLA + silicone RTV2 45shA
wydruk z ceramiki
Printed ceramic vase
wydruk z ceramiki
Ceramic filter printed with S600D printer
wydruk z peek za pomocą drukarki do silikonu
Ventilation element printed from PEKK with embedded brass threads

3D printing from silicone on the S600D printer

Why invest in an S600D printer?

  • Prints from silicone on an industrial scale
  • Can print many other materials available on the market, such as thermoplastics
  • Is a progressive printer – software update and possibility to introduce new printheads
  • User-friendly printer even for beginners

Ask about the S600D printer

Call or email us to find out all about your printer. We have many years of experience with printers, so we will advise you on your purchase and review together whether it’s the right model for you. We always try to select a model in terms of performance, price and expectations

próbny wydruk z silikonu

Order a trial print

Send us a simple model or rely on us and we will send you a sample to assess the print quality from this printer

Silikonowa drukarka 3D do kupienia w sklepie internetowym

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