Silicone 3D printer – S300X by Lynxter

The most efficient silicon printer with integrated IDEX system

Lynxter’s S300X printer is among the highest-performing printers working on medical-grade and industrial-grade silicone and polyurethane materials. It is a printer that is equipped with the IDEX system, which offers tremendous possibilities for printing complex layouts that require supports. The solution takes silicone printing to a higher level of development and enables 3D printing of components not previously available in the medical or industrial sectors.

Industrial application of the S300X printer

The S300X 3D printer is designed for industrial solutions, which means that we can use it to innovate products faster than ever before, save time in the production of unique components or print silicone parts with increased efficiency. The S300X 3D printer prints from industrial-grade RTV2 silicones (45 shA – 10 shD) and polyurethanes (50 to 85 shA – 12 to 33 shD). With this silicone printer, the production of housings, grippers, plugs, custom seals, prototype parts will be much faster and efficient. Of course, the printer will be perfect during machine breakdowns, when you need to quickly print a gasket, fragments of a housing or other flexible element that has been damaged. The silicone that we can use in this printer has various strength and elasticity parameters, so it will always outperform materials made of other plastics, even the most elastic ones.

S300X silicon printer in medicine

The use of the S300X printer in medicine is possible thanks to the fact that it works well with materials such as silicone with a grade of 5 shA to 40 shA (45 sh00 to 86 sh00). The performance and accuracy of the S300 X printer in medicine allows the entire production process of prostheses or orthoplastic components to be significantly speeded up, as steps such as silicone casting and re-fitting can be omitted. Due to the fact that the silicone in the S300X printer has stable chemical and physical properties, and is resistant to UV radiation, it allows the printing of the aforementioned orthoplastic elements, prostheses, tissue structures, as well as many other items from the medical and peri-medical sector.

wydruk z silikonu w branży medycznej

Drukarka 3D S300X – parametry urządzania

Printing of materials

  • RTV2 medical silicones (5,10, 25, 40 ShA)
  • Industrial silicones RTV2 (45 ShA)
  • Polyurethane (50 to 85 ShA)
  • LSR
  • Epoxy

Printing temperature

  • Heated working platform: 20°C to 160°C
  • Heated chamber: 20°C to 40°C

Printer dimensions

  • W 1000 x D 629 x H 887 mm

Printing area

  • X 300 mm x Y 250 mm x Z 200 mm

Layer height

  • 100 μm to > 1 mm

Printing resolution

  • XY: 12,5 μm, Z: 1,0 μm

Printhead speed

  • XY : 800 mm/s, Z : 50 mm/s

Power supply

  • 230 V AC 8 A 50-60 Hz


  • Standalone touch screen and web interface

Why should you invest in an S300X printer?

A compact, reliable and robust silicone 3D printer with integrated auxiliary printing technology that provides unlimited shape design possibilities. The S300X 3D printer has been designed with the needs of industry in mind. The S300X combines robustness, precision and industrial performance in a compact size that will fit into any workspace. The high-capacity cartridges allow silicon printing of large parts or several small parts in total autonomy, reducing the need for intervention.

The filtered, heated and quiet chamber ensures user safety and comfort.

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