Start printing on high-temperature, high-performance materials such as PEEK, PEEK-CF, PEKK, ULTEM, PPSU and engineering materials ( PA, PA-CF, PC, ABS ). Your prints deserve unparalleled accuracy that enables you to produce high quality complex parts, much faster than before.

With its simple set-up and intuitive operation, the FUNMAT PRO 410 is the perfect solution. Intelligent features, such as jam and out-of-filament warnings and print recovery after a power failure, will make printing smoother and more enjoyable.

Whether you are working in aerospace, automotive, power generation or any other industry requiring high performance parts, this printer opens up endless possibilities that go far beyond prototyping.

In addition, the printer features an additional print head for support material and a heated filament chamber to pre-dry the material.








Incredible precision and spectacular detail. Printer designed for high-performance 3D printing and industrial quality


Industrial printer Funmat Pro 410

The Funmat Pro 410 is a high-temperature dual-head industrial 3D printer that prints objects using high-performance materials and engineering plastics such as PEEK, PEEK-CF, PEKK, ULTEM, PPSU, PA, PA-CF, PC and ABS. In addition, it has an open material system, which makes it compatible with most filaments from other brands. The machine is most often used for rapid customisation of models, prototyping and small-scale production.

The Funmat Pro 410 is manufactured by the Chinese brand Intamsys. It is the world’s leading high-tech company, providing innovative 3D devices, 3D printing materials and functional software. The Funmat Pro 410 is part of the Funmat line, which includes devices such as the Funmat Pro, Funmat HT and Funmat Pro 610 HT.

Features of the Intamsys industrial printer – Funmat Pro 410

The Funmat Pro 410 industrial 3D printer is an innovative device operating in FDM technology. Its prints are extremely accurate, allowing the tool to create high-quality, complex components in an extremely short time. What is more, the final objects are durable and resistant to damage and high temperatures. The equipment is equipped with a number of functions to improve its operation. The technical specifications of the machine are shown below.

Printing on high-performance plastics

The industrial printer is a dual-head machine that prints from high-performance and engineered materials. This is possible because the maximum nozzle temperature of 500℃, the chamber heats up to 90℃ and the heated work table can reach 160℃. The high printing temperatures and enclosed workspace have a positive effect on materials, reducing deformation and cracking, especially when printing very large objects.

Open printing system

The Funmat Pro 410 prints using the high-performance and most common 1.75 mm diameter filament. The open operating system of the industrial printer allows the use of third-party consumables, making the equipment extremely flexible and convenient.

Large workspace

The Funmat Pro 410 3D printer features a fairly large working area of 305 x 305 x 406 mm. The size of the field allows models to be printed in one piece. The device creates new prototypes in significantly less time compared to conventional methods.

High quality prints

The Funmat Pro 410 can print layers as thick as 50 microns. This ensures that printed objects are rich in detail with smooth outer surfaces. The printer features automatic levelling and a sensor that restores the print after a power failure, ensuring smooth operation of the equipment.

The Funmat Pro 410 3D printer is a good choice because it features simple operation. It has additional features such as a warning for jam and missing filament. It also contains a liquid cooling system. The model has all the required CE and FCC certifications.

Application of the Funmat Pro 410 industrial printer

Industrial printers of this type are used in the aerospace, automotive and energy industries and wherever high-performance parts are required. The use of 3D printing equipment significantly reduces the time it takes to create new prototypes and models with complex geometries. It is useful in low-volume production, where 100, 200 or 300 objects are created. This saves not only finances, but also the man-hours of other employees who would have to move the production line to produce several hundred units of a given product. In addition, industrial printers do not generate much waste and only use the necessary amount of filament. The device optimises industrial processes, reduces the time needed to produce prototypes by approximately 50% and cuts spending on the necessary materials.

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