Funmat HT 3D Printer


The FUNMAT HT is an affordable, high-performance 3D printer with a working chamber volume of 260 x 260 x 260 mm. The INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT is an industrial printer for special tasks and printing from advanced, engineered high-temperature materials such as PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU. Thanks to its superior build quality, ease of use and stable printing conditions, we can print functional parts in advanced plastics at the highest quality!

The advanced thermal system design of this 3D printer includes:

90°C constant-temperature chamber

Heated work plate 160°C

High-temperature 450°C nozzle with all-metal tip








Incredible precision and spectacular detail. Printer designed for high-performance 3D printing and industrial quality


Funmat HT industrial printer

The Funmat HT model is a professional industrial 3D printer that will fit on a standard-sized desktop. It provides an affordable, all-in-one solution for professional printing using high-performance engineering-grade filaments. The hardware is compatible with plastics such as PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU and carbon fibre reinforced materials. As a result, the 3D printer builds durable objects with exceptional chemical and heat resistance.

The HT industrial printer is manufactured by the innovative Intamsys brand. The company’s current range consists of production 3D printers designed to print using high-performance engineering thermoplastics. The brand is relatively young, as it was founded in 2012, but has already been recognised by many in the automotive, aerospace or scientific industries.

Features of the Intamsys industrial printer – Funmat HT

The industrial 3D printer is an economical choice for anyone looking for a good device at a low price. The equipment operates using FDM technology. The resulting 3D objects are extremely accurate, durable and lightweight. The technical specifications of the 3D printer are shown below.

Efficient thermal system

The Funmat HT model has a fully sealed working chamber, which creates a high-performance thermal system designed for efficient printing of high-temperature plastics. The sealed working chamber ensures a constant temperature of 90℃, which nullifies warping of printed materials. In addition, it is equipped with a workplate heated up to 160℃ and a high-temperature 450℃ nozzle with an all-metal tip.

High quality of printed objects

The Funmat HT is an industrial printer that is extremely easy to use, providing precise prints in a relatively short time. When printing, it applies layers with a minimum thickness of 50 microns. In addition, the device’s motherboard is powered by 4 independent controllers that allow the model to run quickly. The industrial 3D printer produces models at a maximum speed of 300 mm/s. The aforementioned parameters ensure high precision 3D printing and the reproduction of even the finest details of objects.

Medium-sized working area

The industrial printer has a working area of 260 × 260 × 260 mm. This allows the production of one medium-sized part or the simultaneous production of several small parts.

Open printing system

The Funmat HT model is compatible with almost all 1.75 mm standard diameter filaments. It has an open printing system, which means that it also works with materials from other suppliers. This provides its users with convenience and flexibility of use.

The Funmat HT 3D printer is fully assembled, which eliminates potential inaccuracies that could affect the quality of the prints. In addition, it has a solid metal frame that eliminates unwanted vibrations and contributes to consistent and reliable printing. The industrial printer is CE and FCC certified.

Application of the Funmat HT industrial printer

Funmat HT industrial printers are the ideal solution for small companies that want to produce high-quality products. The devices are most commonly used in the production of automotive parts, implants and dental arches in dentistry and customised prostheses in medicine. The resulting objects are resistant to chemicals, which is why the equipment is not uncommon in the oil industry. The equipment prints medium-sized parts that are intended for final use. The objects are characterised by smooth surfaces and detailed dimensions. This sleek-looking and easy-to-use industrial printer is the ideal choice for a design office or medium-sized manufacturing company.

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