We are a young and dynamic company which has been operating for 6 years on Polish and foreign markets. Thanks to its comprehensive service including the whole process of reverse engineering, it stands out among companies which provide services only in 3D printing, 3D scanning or 3D modeling.

Our company also conducts online trading business www.outlet3d.eu, offering high-quality equipment such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, etc., as well as 3D business support products, parts and materials.

Our Crew

A team of experienced engineers also provides services:

• Quality control, deformation analysis,
• Structured light scanning of objects up to 2 m diameter with an accuracy of 10 micrometers,
• 3D archiving (e.g. of museum objects),
• Scanning of large objects (e.g. buildings) with a laser scanner with an accuracy of up to 2 mm,
• 3D documentation (3D modeling),
• execution of 2D documentation (so-called flat drawings),
• 3D printing from numerous materials in FDM/FFF printing technology, e.g. PLA and ABS with various admixtures of materials such as nylon, wood, etc,
• SLA/DLP printing with light curable resin,
• SLS printing, laser powder sintering.

Pre- and post-sales service provided by our company guarantees full customer satisfaction. Assistance in the selection of, for example, an appropriate 3D printer or 3D scanner and technical support during the implementation of the purchased equipment is an invaluable asset, especially for customers who have no experience in using 3D devices. Service of 3D printers and 3D scanners is also a huge added value distinguishing B3D from the competition.

We regularly participate in the largest 3D printing trade fairs in Poland. We want our clients to be fully satisfied with cooperation with us, that is why we eagerly gain knowledge and broaden our competences. We want to be up to date in a fast changing world, so we can respond to customer needs and serve them with due diligence.