3D modeling

You probably already know that we deal with a wide range of 3D scanning, 3D printing and modeling. We are also familiar with 3D building modeling! Many years of work experience in the design industry has allowed us to gain a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge. With such extensive experience we are able to provide 3D scanning and building inventory services at the highest professional level. We have advanced, specialized equipment and software, so that modeling and design of buildings in 3D has no secrets from us. We offer a wide range of 3D services, including scanning and inventory of pipes in buildings and halls.

Modeling based on documentation

We perform CAD modeling of objects obtained by reverse engineering or design from provided documentation.

Among other things, we offer:

  • modeling and exporting to any format (IGS, ACIS, STEP, STP, Parasolid, ProE, Catia, VRLM, STL, OBJ, PLY etc.),
  • modeling straight from flat (2D) documentation, sketches, photos, actual model details or even descriptions,
  • modeling based on STL files or point clouds obtained from 3D scanning,
  • making virtual or real, fully functional prototypes of devices and various types of mechanisms,
  • modeling using professional software SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Catia.
At B3D, we have advanced modeling software. Our product range includes SolidWorks, Siemens, NX, and Catia software. The entire process is carried out using specialized equipment. Your projects are handled by specialists with years of experience in the industry, who can also make virtual or real (and fully functional) prototypes of equipment and various types of mechanisms. We pay attention to all details and perform our duties meticulously, according to the assumptions and guidelines of our clients.

Modeling from 3D scans – BIM modeling

BIM models created from a point cloud

Building Information Modelling enables continuous and immediate access to information about the project, its costs and schedules. This simplifies the design process by allowing different variants and schemes to be tested in the virtual world for optimum selection of solutions. BIM means modeling building information, so defining elements like walls, floors, windows and doors, but also electrical wiring and plumbing. The resulting CAD model is their image. Based on the defined position or direction of the elements it is very easy to generate 2D plans, sections and elevation drawings. We create BIM models in the most commonly used environments Revit and Archicad, as data exchange between the two formats is usually problematic.

3D modeling based on 3D scans – when is choosing BIM technology a good option?

Among other things, it is worth opting for BIM technology when it is necessary to renovate or modernize old buildings. Thanks to the collection of comprehensive information about the selected objects with the help of the technology, it is possible to create a suitable design very accurately. In this case, what matters most is the accurate use of data. It is also worth mentioning that modeling on the basis of a 3D scan saves time in the context of significant design work.

2D flat CAD documentation

We undertake orders related to the generation of 2D flat documentation based on 3D scans.

Our company offers:

  • 3D scanning of buildings and generation of 2D flat documentation on their basis (with optional 3D modeling),
  • generation of any 2D views, elevations, layouts and sections from 3D scans,
  • export the generated 2D flat documentation to any format (PDF, DWG, DWF, DXF, Catdrawing, PRT, SLDDRW).

CAD documentation based on a 3D scan – innovative solutions at affordable price criteria

CAD documentation based on a 3D scan can come in handy, for example, instead of ordinary technical drawings. This is very useful due to the fact that paper documentation often proves to be inadequate or becomes damaged or possibly obsolete.
Reproduction of CAD documentation in the past was only possible from paper documentation and notes. Nowadays, a time-saving 3D scan distinguished by a high level of efficiency is a sufficient basis.
We encourage you to check out the rest of B3D’s services available on our website.

Reverse engineering

As a company with years of experience in the industry, we offer comprehensive reverse engineering services. We carry out projects from A to Z, including:

  • 3D scanning,
  • 3D modeling, visualization,
  • VR applications,
  • technical documentation generation,
  • measurements, and production of prototypes and finished parts using 3D printing.

Customer satisfaction is most important to us, so we select optimal solutions for each case individually.

3D modeling – what is the reverse engineering workflow like?

The reverse engineering workflow is a high-tech process. First, you need to prepare the object for scanning (by coating it with a matting substance). The next step is to scan the object in 3D, refine the mesh, and then import it into specialized CAD software. Specialists also take care of creating a solid model. Despite the fact that everything looks complicated (in fact – it is), our professionals have no problems with 3D modeling, taking on any order, even the most demanding.
We guarantee punctuality, professional advice and expert customer service. We remain available by email or telephone. We encourage you to use the services of B3D.


Comparison of scan and 3D model:

3D modeling usage

Modeling of 3D plant

We develop plant models using programs such as Aveva PDMS and AutoCAD Plant. These are suitable for the preparation of most types of industrial installations. What is PLANT? It is a 3D model that is essentially a database that contains information to design new chemical plants. It is not only a representation of the three-dimensional space of the object, but also data allowing to determine how the designed structure will be assembled and what will be necessary for it. Models in this type of software allow you to have full control of the work from the earliest stages of design to making changes or improvements to an existing plant.

When is it a good idea to model in PDMS or AutoCAD Plant?

These are ideal when you need to upgrade the plant in any facility or create PID (piping and instrumentation diagram) and ISO (machine engineering drawing) drawings, although as-built inventories are more complicated than new plant models. You can have a PDMS model created if you have enough information about the facility from which to create a database. The more information, the more detailed the project, and in the case of PDMS the details are extremely important. Of course, the degree of detail in the model is adapted to the individual needs of the customer.


It is worth bearing in mind that preparing a very detailed design is time-consuming and, consequently, expensive. Before starting to create the as-built project we set all the necessary issues with the customer. Each model is different and requires a different amount of time and work. Therefore, the prices of models vary and are adjusted individually to each of our clients. We encourage you to take advantage of our high quality services!

Modeling for 3D printing

Do you want to print an object according to your own design? Do you have a lot of ideas and want to find out exactly what 3D modeling is all about? Nothing simpler! With help comes our company and our 3D modeling offer. Thanks to special software and professional equipment we can make your projects a reality! Everything we offer is based on our technical knowledge and many years of experience in the 3D project industry. Trust the specialists and contact us today! Nobody will understand you better than people full of positive energy with similar passion.

Digitization of documentation

Digitization of documentation is performed in the scope of conversion from archival documentation to 2D and 3D digital form.

We produce parametric 2D CAD drawings or 3D models of industrial, structural and machinery components.

Building modeling in 3D

B3D is the best team of reverse engineering specialists. We offer you our experience and knowledge in the field of architecture and construction of commercial buildings! Trust the specialists for whom designing and modeling buildings is both daily bread and passion, to which they are able to devote themselves completely!